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Hornet Marine strongly believes in building lasting relationships with brands and organizations that share our dedication to excellence. Because of our commitment to our products and customers, we continually strive to achieve collaborative success with those we choose to work together with. 
Before partnering with another brand or organization, we evaluate all potential partnerships based on the same criteria: 
Open and honest lines of communication are the basis for any successful business relationship. Hornet Marine expects its business partners to demonstrate their ability to build the foundation for an effective and continuing two-way process that will achieve lasting results. 
Hornet Marine customers expect the best when they purchase our products. Providing the highest level of quality is also what differentiates us from our competitors. Therefore, the brands and organizations we partner with must share this commitment to providing quality materials and services. 
Innovation is what keeps us growing as a company. We are always open to working with those that value creative and innovative thinking in their approach to business.
In order for us to best serve our customers, maintaining project timelines and scheduled deliveries is expected of any brand or organization we partner with. 
Hornet Marine actively seeks out competitive pricing from our business partners in order to succeed in the marketplace. We also attempt to utilize local businesses in an effort to keep supply chain costs down and support our local community.

Current Vendor Needs
Hornet Marine is not currently seeking vendor proposals, however we welcome any brand or organization that meet the above criteria to contact us directly about any partnership opportunities by emailing us here
4Biz Group
400 Middle Street
Bristol, Connecticut 06010
Phone: (860) 516-3141
4Biz Group
4Biz Group
4Biz Group
4Biz Group
4Biz Group